Bare Bones Biology

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Bare Bones Ecology Energy Handbook

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The Conference. 

Father John speaks at  Then watch the series of other YouTube videos reporting on nearly the entire conference. - Biology 117 – Santa Fe


Bare Bones Biology References: Bare Bones Biology 119 – Rabi Malka Drucker.


Father John

“A Persistent Peace”

“Lazarus Come Forth”


William deBuys – A Great Aridness

Michael Klare – 

“The Race for What’s Left”

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rtist William Michael Schindler, Santa Fe 

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Los Alamos National Laboratory –

El Museo -



Green Village Youth Hostel -

Grave of the Fireflies –

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Upaya Zen Center,

Wendy Johnson, Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate

Bare Bones Biology 107-115 and 093

Thich Nhat Hanh

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A Great Aridness, Wm. deBuys:
Upaya Zen Center:
Mrs. Green’s World: www.MrsGreensWorld podcast 05-12-12_DuBuysMiraval.mp3

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Recommended References:  (begin after the introduction, about 27 minutes in, or ask me for a copy of the podcast).

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