Bare Bones Biology (Bare Bones Biology)
Bare Bones Biology 153 - Compassionate Earth Walk

The Compassionate Earth Walk is a spiritual pilgrimage

honoring our place within the community of life.


The human species is at a crossroads.

Our decisions now will profoundly influence the future of our children and of the whole earth.


The Keystone pipeline has become a poignant symbol of the risks of fossil fuels, the tension between economic priorities and human well-being,
and the threat of climate change to all life on earth.

We trace its route through the Great Plains with peace and compassion,

eager to hear all voices, including the wordless voice of the natural world,

blessing the earth with each step,

listening, witnessing, and offering service.


We walk as a prayer for all earth's children,


The walk is intergenerational, intercultural  and interfaith. 

Join us.

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This is Bare Bones Biology, a weekly production of, and KEOS radio, in Bryan, Texas. 


Recommended References


Tony Hillerman, The Shape Shifter – good read; easy to find on line or in the library.


Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness, the revolutionary art of kindness.  Shambala Classics

(Not so revolutionary after all, is it?  Originated 2500 years ago or maybe a long, long time before that, judging by similarity with the Navajo concept for only one.  And is pretty much just good common sense community behavior, but – the first time I’ve seen it outlined so clearly.)


Pema Chodron, The Four Limitless Quantities.  Audiobook.  Omega Mediaworks.

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Bare Bones Biology 002B - God is An Artist


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Expanded Blog at:…-what-can-i-do/


Lynn Lamoreux:  Bare Bones Ecology Energy Handbook, download free from the right side of blog under heading Chapters

The Dalai Lama:  Toward a True Kinship of Faiths

The Eagle:  Butterflies

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 Recommended References

The New Testament, Romans 1:20 (“For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made  . . .”)


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