Bare Bones Biology

 We cannot fight and win over a superior power, but the superior-power aggression methods don’t work anyhow.  They never have.  All they do is recycle the toxic sorts of human power trips.  And there is no human power trip that can defeat the superior power of the Biosystem.  The Biosystem response will be to quietly and passively CHANGE until it reaches a new kind of balance that does not include humans.  That’s what WE can do that will work to change the future rather than to just repeat the victim/perp cycle over and over again.  The time has come that we can grow a new kind of human social system that is based in achieving a human-friendly balance of power among ourselves and between ourselves and the Bosystem.

But we cannot do this without reducing the human population because there is no longer enough food to just wait around until we get it right; it would be better if we reduce the population in human-friendly ways, rather than wait for Armageddon.  The only way to do THAT is to discuss the issue among ourselves.  Frankly, I think that is the lesson that God is waiting for us to learn. 

 "Much of what passes as Christianity is a negation of the Sermon on the Mount," Gandhi said in a famous lecture to the YMCA in Ceylon in 1927. Though that still rings true, he helped Christians around the world reclaim the nonviolence of Jesus, and reminded us of the central importance of the Sermon on the Mount. bare-bones-bio…what-can-we-do?     bare-bones-biology-165-power/   bare-bones-biology 102 - Religion-and-science/ (Oren Lyons’ quote)  Bare Bones Biology 072 – More Corposystem Games


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